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Personal contact, short decision-
making process and an eye on the

goods all the way to the final destination.


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We make deliveries all the way to your 
door - even in pedestrian streets.


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Our services cover the southern,

northern and eastern part of Europe.

One of our core competencies is 

international transport...

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Environmental considerations are of 

great importance to Nordcarrier. This is

why we have a strict environmental 

policy with high requirements...

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Nordcarrier is headquartered in 

Hundested, but our employees work

from our department in Måløv.

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Nordcarrier A/S, Måløv Byvej 229, 2760 Måløv  | T: (+45) 47 97 50 00 | Fax: (+45) 47 97 50 01 |  info@nordcarrier.dk | www.nordcarrier.dk | CVR: 28657811