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From Door to Door in the Whole Country

20 round trips per day to the largest Danish cities make supermarkets, shops, shopping centres and companies in the whole country dependent on Nordcarrier. And this also makes domestic transport one of our core business areas. 


We deliver all the way to your door – even in pedestrian streets. All lorries have hoists and all drivers truck cards so that they can unload at the destination themselves. And we naturally follow the goods all the way to the delivery destination from our office in Måløv.


Our lorries depart from our own warehouses in Hinnerup and Taulov and we transport both general cargo and part/full load in the form of, e.g. staple goods and refrigerated/frozen goods.


Our drivers and lorries are approved for transporting food products. We have special lorries for refrigerated/frozen goods and special vehicles for transportation of fish. In order to facilitate communications with the customers, all domestic drivers are Danes.

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