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Strict Requirements Protect the Environment

Environmental considerations are of great importance to Nordcarrier. Therefore, we have a strict environmental policy which puts strict requirements on our drivers, the equipment and our foreign business partners.  

All our own drivers have completed a course in economic driving. Our lorries are all fitted with energy efficient tyres.

The Nordcarrier fleet is equipped with computers that automatically measure fuel consumption, idling and roll-off percentage, use of cruise control, driving with foresight as well as driving in hilly landscape.

Our goal is that all Nordcarrier subcontractors by 2022 will use lorries that meet the Scania Ecolution economy optimization programme or the like. By 2025, it is our goal that all lorries for distribution run on renewable energy, and by 2030 that all big trailer trucks run on renewable energy too. 


The external drivers and business partners are naturally also supposed to meet our strict requirements. Our whole fleet now meets the Euro 5 and Euro 6 standards and is continuously being replaced.


In addition, all lorries nowadays run on Statoil B7 Biodiesel, which meets the EU's sustainability criteria.

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