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Solid Experience and Close Contacts with the Customers

Nordcarrier was established in 2006 by three persons with solid experience in the area of forwarding and transport. Anders Harrild, Peter Kristiansen and Henrik Mikkelsen are still authorised signatories of the company which Anders Harrild and Peter Kristiansen own together with A/S O.V. Jørgensen Holding.


The history of the A/S O.V. Jørgensen Group dates back more than 75 years and the Group is a serious player in the transport of refrigerated/frozen goods and purchasing and sales of fresh fish. It is of great importance to us to have such a large and well-consolidated partner as this gives Nordcarrier additional weight and makes us capable of taking on and completing very big assignments.


At the same time, Nordcarrier is a company that attaches great importance to close, personal contacts with the customers. This means fixed contact persons and a very short decision-making process as the Sales Managers are also owners of the company. 


The day-to-day operations of the company are taken care of by an efficient and competent Board of Directors which consists of:


Mogens B Hartz

Bent S Andresen

Henrik Mikkelsen

Peter Kristiansen

Anders Harrild


Last but not least, Nordcarrier is made up of a number of employees who have been with us from the very beginning. This makes them particularly knowledgeable and competent to take their own part of our joint responsibility for ensuring that the customers come back to us satisfied with the service they have been provided with. 

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Nordcarrier A/S, Måløv Byvej 229, 2760 Måløv  | T: (+45) 47 97 50 00 | Fax: (+45) 47 97 50 01 |  info@nordcarrier.dk | www.nordcarrier.dk | CVR: 28657811