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Alcohol and drug policy

This alcohol and drug policy applies to all companies in the Nordcarrier Group; Nordcarrier Ltd., Nordcarrier Scandinavia Ltd., Nordcarrier Continent Ltd. By referring to Nordcarrier below, we refer to all companies in the group.


Alcohol and drugs are not allowed during working hours in Nordcarrier. Exceptions to this rule are servings of alcohol for special occassions such as jubilee celebrations, birthdays and receptions. The office workers are also allowed to enjoy a single beer around closing time on Fridays between 3 and 4.30 pm.

Avoiding accidents, living up to our clients’ quality demands, and delivering on time is crucial to Nordcarrier. Thus, we demand that all subcontractors, employees, and drivers accept this alcohol and drug policy. All employees and subcontractors are also required to consent to management’s right to undertake an alcohol or drug test if they suspect that an employee is under the influence during working hours.


To prevent problems with alcohol and drugs, all Nordcarrier employees are informed of this policy when they are hired, at staff meetings, and in our handbook. We encourage all employees to help cultivate an open and dialogue-based culture where we can collaborate on prevention, and act fast if an employee needs help fighting alcoholism or substance abuse.


Nordcarrier is prepared to help employees with alcohol or drug problems. It is Nordcarrier’s position that no employee should leave Nordcarrier on the basis of alcohol or drug problems before suitable attempts to set the problems right have been carried out. Henrik Mikkelsen, Peter Kristiansen and Anders Harrild are contacts in these cases, and all employees can safely reach out to any of the three. Besides providing suitable help, Henrik, Peter and Anders can inform about the consequences of the abuse, given the provided help does not help.

Nordcarrier can also decide to offer a loan to employees who need costly treatments to overcome serious problems with alcohol or drugs.


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