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Anti-corruption policy

This anti-corruption policy applies to all companies of the Nordcarrier Group; Nordcarrier Ltd., Nordcarrier Scandinavia Ltd., Nordcarrier Continent Ltd. By referring to Nordcarrier below, we refer to all companies in the group.


In Nordcarrier, there is zero tolerance when it comes to corruption. Corruption, in any shape or from, is unethical and violates guiding principles and fundamental values of the company. This policy provides Nordcarrier’s employees with clear guidelines on how to interact with clients, subcontractors and collaborators in cases where gifts and invitations are offered or provided.


The term corruption refers to bribery, kickbacks, embezzlement, fraud, blackmail, nepotism and the likes. Corruption is accepting bribery as well as bribing others. Corruption is active as well as passive. In the classical sense of the notion, a monetary exchange is implied, but access to non-monetary privileges (e.g. a job) can also be termed as corruption.
This policy applies to all individuals acting on behalf of Nordcarrier – Nordcarrier’s own employees as well as individuals employed by Nordcarrier’s subcontractors. The policy applies to all members of these organizations – and the management teams are subjected to the same rules as the trainees. All are obliged to avoid any type of activity violating Nordcarrier’s anti-corruption policy.

The management teams of the above-mentioned organizations are responsible for providing sufficient information about this policy to all employees acting on behalf of Nordcarrier.


Employees are allowed to receive gifts worth a maximum of DKK 800 without prior consent from the management team. They are not allowed to accept tickets, cash, clothes, or other items worth more than this amount.

As a rule of thumb, employees are allowed to accept invitations to food, refreshments, events, transportation, and accommodation worth a maximum of DKK 3500. Experiences exceeding this amount cannot be accepted without the prior consent of the management team.

In any case of doubt, CEO Henrik Mikkelsen is the contact to go to.

All employees are also responsible for preventing, revealing and reporting corruption. Nordcarrier’s employees – and the other employees acting on behalf of Nordcarrier – are also obliged to announce the anti-corruption policy of the company faced with bribery and corruption.

If an employee is invited to the private home of a Nordcarrier client or supplier, he or she is expected to inform Henrik Mikkelsen prior to the event. All employees are encouraged to pay special attention if offered gifts or invitations in connection with invitations to tender, closings of agreements and other instances where it could be beneficial for other parties to influence the employee. In all cases of doubt, the employee is obliged to contact CEO Henrik Mikkelsen. 


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