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Nordcarrier group Code of conduct

This code of conduct states Nordcarrier’s commitment to and responsibility for environmental and social development. Furthermore, we wish to improve the preconditions of financially sustainable development. As a minimum, we expect that all suppliers and employees will meet the expectations and demands stated in this code of conduct as well as the principles of the UN Global Compact. Through a constructive dialogue about these principles, we can create even longer-term and more constructive partnerships.

At all times, it lies with our suppliers to keep to the obligations of this code of conduct. Furthermore, we expect that our suppliers keep possible sub-suppliers informed of the obligations. 

All costs related to controlling and keeping the code of conduct fall on the supplier. If Nordcarrier experiences that a supplier does not live up to this code of conduct, we will notify the supplier of the transgression. Subsequently, we expect that the given supplier immediately takes any actions needed in order to remedy the transgression. 

If the supplier - against our expectations – do not immediately correct the deviations from this code of conduct, Nordcarrier is entitled to terminate the collaboration without further warning or notice. The full responsibility of living up to this code of conduct lies with our suppliers.

It is very important to Nordcarrier that all employees thrive in a healthy and safe work environment. All Nordcarrier suppliers must respect and uphold all existing health and safety at work acts of the countries, they operate in. To Nordcarrier, it is important that all employees work under the best possible working conditions. All suppliers need to take the following conditions into consideration: Lightning, ventilation, noise levels, ergonomically correct furniture, and cleaning.

All existing regulations regarding working hours, holiday, and minimum wages must be kept. Without any exceptions, our suppliers must keep to the current legislation of the country they operate in. Overtime should be kept to a minimum in order to ensure the best possible work-life balance for the individual employee. All employees must have the right to unionize.
Nordcarrier accepts no type of corruption or bribery. We expect that these values are shared among our suppliers and hereby emphasize that it is obligatory to help enforce Nordcarrier’s anti corruption policy. Please find the complete policy here: www.nordcarrier.dk

The transportation sector is responsible for a substantial part of the global environmental impact. It is important to Nordcarrier to reduce the environmental footprint of our operations, and we expect all suppliers to share this concern and commitment. Read more about Nordcarrier’s environmental impact policy here: www.nordcarrier.dk
Nordcarrier is an open and non-discriminatory company. It is a fixed principle, and we expect from our suppliers that they do not conduct or condone any type of discriminatory behaviour.

As a freight company, it is of outmost importance to Nordcarrier that all employees and suppliers respect and uphold the company’s alcohol and drug policy. Please read the full text on: www.nordcarrier.dk

In order to make sure that this code of conduct is kept, Nordcarrier reserves the right to visit our suppliers for control audits without prior notification. During an audit, we expect to be met with cooperativeness. Gathered experiences can and will be used to develop our cooperation and, if necessary, improve and develop the code of conduct. 
At all times, our suppliers are encouraged to reach out to their Nordcarrier contact with questions related to this code of conduct.

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